Primatech WE-8800 Wireless Microfon


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2 sets wireless meeting microphone can be
used at the same time in the 24MHz receiving
bandwidth.Built in 8 channels antenna divider,
2 sets receiver can be used at the same time
without connecting the outside antenna
divider. Balance XLR kalong and unbalance
audio output.
Dual-squelch control, preventing the hash
• Frequency Range 630MHz-865MHz
• Sensitivity 92dBm for 30dB
• Image Rejection >70dB, SIN Ratio
• T.H.D for +30KHz,
1 Khz
• Level XRL-12dBV, AF output 1/4”, phone18dBV
• Frequency
• Response 80Hz-16KHz +3dB
• Dynamic Range >90dB
• Dimension 45 x 410 x 2800
• Weight 3500g
• Power Supply 12-18V DC, 1200MA


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