Primatech PM240Z Zone Power Mixer



Bay for adding optional music source (CD player with AM/FM Tuner,or MP3 player).
Graphic equalizer control (125Hz/250Hz/500Hz/1kHz/2kHz/4kHz/8kHz).
Indicators(Protection/Output level/Power), Input channel volume controls.
Master volume control, All speaker zone output selector.
Individual speaker zone output selector, Power switch,
Evacuation siren and pre annuncement Chime switch
Expansion ports ( AMP-IN/AMP-OUT/LINK-IN/LINK-OUT ).
Pre-announce chime/Siren level control, Gain controls for variable input level.
Phantom power and priority control switches. Signal input connectors.
Telephone paging input connector. Speaker outputs connector
( 4-ohm, selectable 25V, 70V and 100V
Power Output Max 200 Watt


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